Structured Wiring gives the home and business owner flexibility.  Simply put, Structured Wiring is a way of meeting current needs and preparing for future possibilities.  Wiring for video, networking, distributed audio, telephone and data signals are bundled together and run inside the walls.  This bundle can include RG-6 video cable, fiber optic, audio cables and Cat 5 for network wiring.  All wires are then terminated at a connection center in a closet or an electrical room. 

By installing multiple access points in each room, you eliminate future hassles.  Décora plates are mounted in each room for potential video, TV, cable, telephone and audio, etc.  This ensures that you have access to what you want where you want it. 

As an example, let’s say you have a bedroom that you now want to use as an office – no problem!  The room can be arranged as desired and the access points in the room can be activated for the desired function.  Printers can be shared through the network and multi-line telephones can be set-up.  All this is accomplished through the connection center where services are easily re-routed in the home as your needs change. 

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