Did you know that over 80% of false alarms are the result of human error?  As an Alarm Dealer, we assume responsibility for this problem and ask that you help us keep false alarms to a minimum.

False dispatches are expensive.  They cost our Sheriff’s, Fire and Police Departments time and money.

In addition, response times for real emergencies are affected if an officer is sent to a false alarm.  We ask that you review the items below and join our effort to continue to reduce false alarms.

What you can do to help prevent false alarms:

  • Installation – Make sure a reputable, licensed alarm company installs your system.  They will properly design the system to fit your needs and lifestyle.   Stop by their office, meet their staff, and ask questions.
  • Training – The installers should review your system with you and leave you an instruction manual for future reference.  If you have questions – ask.  If you think of questions later – call the office.
  • Doors and windows should be tight fitting with no “play” to help prevent false alarms from movement or wind.
  • Lock doors and windows before arming your system.
  • Know the location of your motion sensors.  Spiders love them – dust them regularly.  Also be aware – helium balloons can trip them!
  • Have your back-up battery replaced regularly.  They typically last 2-4 years.
  • Know your delay time and which doors you can use for entry/exit.
  • When exiting, if you forget something and need to go back in the premise, disarm your system – don’t try to beat the delay time.
  • Know how to cancel a false alarm.
  • Educate every person authorized to use your system on proper operation.  If you do not feel comfortable, contact your alarm company for additional training.
  • Authorized people should have their own access code.  This makes it easy for them to remember.
  • Be sure all telephone numbers are accurate on your notification list.
  • If a person is on your notification list-they need to be willing to meet the police at the premise should there be an alarm – This means they need a code and a key. 

What we do to help prevent false alarms:

  • Install quality products.
  • Design your system to fit your needs and lifestyle – paying particular attention to entry/exit doors and motion sensors.
  • Educate and certify our Technicians through the Alarm Association of Florida.
  • Review system operations with you and answer any questions you have.
  • Provide an installation manual for your reference.
  • Each business day, we review alarm signals sent by our customer’s and make follow-up calls to determine if service is needed or if questions need to be answered.
  • Utilize two-call verification.  It is Florida State Law that two calls be made before the authorities are dispatched.

We are pleased that you have read our suggestions and hope you find them helpful in our fight against false alarms.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 863-465-3352.

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