Door Access Control has become a hot topic among local businesses.  Our customers are enjoying the extra level of control and secure feeling they get with an Access Control System.

Door Access Systems take a complex idea and make it simple.  They give you control and records of people entering various areas of your office or facility.   

Card Readers and or keypads are placed strategically within the business and each person is assigned a security level.  If the person has the authorization to enter an area – they simply wave their card in front of the reader or enter their code and it releases the door magnet momentarily to allow the person entry.  If the person does not have authorization – the door remains locked.

The beauty of these systems is behind the scenes.  Password protected software allows the owner/manager to assign cards, codes and security levels to individuals.  The software records each time the card is used.  The owner/manager can get detailed reports for each user and know when an individual has accessed an area. 

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