If you are building a new home or business, consider a Central Vacuum System. Central Vacuum Systems are convenient and easy to use and they reduce allergens in your home or business.  As you know, most portable vacuum cleaners re-circulate dust and pollen back into the living area through exhaust dust.  Not so with a Central Vacuum System!

Vacuum Inlets are located throughout your premise and connected to a network of hidden tubing within your attic and walls.  As you vacuum …dirt, mold, pollen and pet dander are extracted from your floors and furnishings and collected in the dirt canister.  The beauty is that the dirt canister is located at the end of the tubing network outside the living area.  If you have an attached garage, we install the Power Unit and dirt canister in the garage.  This makes emptying the dirt canister easy and gives you the advantage of an extra inlet in the garage that can be used to vacuum vehicles.

A couple of customizable options that our customers enjoy are:

Hide-A-Hose:  No more carrying and storing the Central Vacuum Hose!  This hose is custom measured just for your application.  The hose is installed inside tubing in the wall and you simply pull out the amount of hose needed for your cleaning.  When you’re finished vacuuming, the suction from the Central Vacuum Power Unit retracts the hose and conveniently stores the hose inside the wall for you!

Vacuum Pans:  This is a unique inlet that is shaped like a dustpan and installed under a cabinet on the floor.  Kitchens, bathrooms and hallways have never been as easy to keep clean.  All you do is touch the On/Off kick switch with your foot and the suction starts.  Simply sweep the dirt toward the vac pan and the dirt is gone!  No dustpan required!

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